7 Segment Interfacing

This is another simple circuitry to interface the Seven segment to the microcontroller. It is one of the basic circuits which helps the beginners to understand the interfacing of microcontroller with basic elements. In this project we use microcontroller AT89C2051 and 7 segment common anode.

7 Segment consist of 8 LEDs connected in a way that they can display the numbers from zero to nine (0 to 9) with a decimal point . There are basically two types of seven segments Common Anode Seven Segment and Common Cathode Seven Segment, In common anode we connect the common terminal of  the seven segment to 5 volts and to glow any segment we connect it to the ground, while in the common cathode configuration we connect the common terminal of the seven segment to the ground voltage and to glow any segment we connect it to the 5 volts.

This circuit display the digits from zero to nine on the seven segment.



For circuit diagram and the coding click the link given below:

Download attachment

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