1 Gbps internet is here

Internet Speed – 1 Gbps. If you understand the gravity of this situation then you better be ready to enjoy broadband speed which will be out of this world. Google has always wanted to launch the 1 Gbps internet connections, and Comcast was planning the 105 Mbps internet speed, but it seems like Chattanooga has come up with something that others were just planning.
Chattanooga’s municipally owned fiber to the premises network (also known as EPB fiber optics) and Alcatel – Lucent have joined hands to come up with internet services that are surely going to force other service providers to stretch their limits and that too pretty quick if they don’t want their customers do drift away from them.

The service is already available and people living around 600 mile radius of EPB network can enjoy the service if they are ready to shell out ample amount of bucks. It will be the nine-county service areas (basically south east Tennessee) that will enjoy the lightning fast internet speed for the first few months. The service costs $350 per month so think before you opt for Chattanooga’s mind boggling service.
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