Eramus Mundus Scholarship, 2010-2011

Eramus Mundus Scholarship 2010 , Eramus Mundus Scholarship 2011, Eramus Mundus Scholarship , Today the Eramus Mundus Scholarship, 2010-2011 and Per academic year a limited number of  Erasmus Mundus scholarships are available for FUSION-EP students from third countries.

Deadline for electronic application is JANUARY 15, 2011 and for paper copies January 20, 2011.

For the academic year 2010-2011, the FUSION-EP Erasmus Mundus consortium can select a limited number of students to be granted a scholarship. Without prejudice to the respect of high academic standards, in order to ensure a geographical balance across third-country students, the FUSION-EP consortium shall respect the following basic criteria when selecting third-country students:

* no more than 2 of the selected third-country students should come from the same country.

Admission Criteria
The European Master FUSION-EP offers admission to applicants who appear to have the highest potential for graduate study and who, with the benefit of a graduate education, are the most likely to contribute substantially to their academic or professional fields through teaching, research, or professional practice.

The minimum graduate admission requirements are:
(1) A bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution (minimum 3 years study)
(2) Sufficient undergraduate training to do graduate work in the chosen field
(3) A satisfactory scholastic average

The FUSION-EP is open to all students who have a Bachelor’s degree or a recognized equivalent academic degree of minimum 3 years study in

* physics
* engineering

Applicants with another degree but with experience or knowledge in one of these fields can be admitted on decision by the FUSION-EP Managing Board on the basis of CV and other evidence.

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