Essay: A Cricket Match

Essay Title: A Cricket Match

Cricket has been one of the most famous and popular game of the world. Many countries have prepared their national teams in this regard. Last Sunday, I also attended a cricket match. It was played between the boys of our college and Friends Club. The arrangements were made by the secretary of sports. It was sponsored by English Biscuit and Philips Industry. It was a fine day. The sun was shining brightly. I and my friend got the tickets at the main gate and took our seats. This match was a very important match on national basis. The players of our team had prepared well. In order to remain fit, they had taken many exercises for this match. This match was played in the national ground of the city. People from far and wide had come there to see this important arid wonderful match. There were video cameras to record the important classical catches of this match. Both the teams appeared in the ground at fixed time 1t was 9:00 a.m.

The spectators were full of joy and enthusiastic spirit. Then there was a toss. They won the toss and decided to play first. Their players went into bat. Our players began bowling. Our team had good bowlers so, they played very well and in the first twenty overs, only 30 runs were made bit Friend’s Club team and their four wickets were gone away. One of these four batsmen was caught out and this catch was recorded because it was a catch near the boundary otherwise it would be a sixer. Now, only six wickets were in hand and 36 overs were left. In the 25th over, two of their six batsmen went out one by one in no time. Our college students were full of Joy and spirit. Then, in their 48 overall the wickets had gone and runs made by them were only 110 in 48 overs. Then it was lunch time. The players take meal and rest a while and then came to the ground again. Our batsmen went to the wills or into the bat. Our captain was a very wise boy. He planned well and decided to play according to the situation. The bowling of other team was very well but their fielding was not satisfactory. They dropped six catches in twenty overs. At the end of twenty overs, our team made 65 runs and only five players were out. In this way, our team won this match.

All the players were very happy and gay. They were looking very fresh. As they came out of the ground, their supporters shouted with joy and lifted them over their shoulders. It was a very remarkable scene. At the end of this match, our team was awarded a national cup and our college was closed for two days in this regard. The team of Friend’s Club decided to play another match against us but we did not show any response because it was against rules. When we returned to our homes, we were very tired and dusty, but we were happy and slept soundly.

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10 years ago

This essay is so borring plz post interesting essays on this website

honey pearl
honey pearl
11 years ago

It is a very nice essay