Essay: A House on Fire

Title: A House on Fire

One day as I was returning from the play ground. I saw on the way a house on fire. I rushed towards the burning house. When I reached there, I saw many people outside the house. Some of them were pouring buckets of water on the fire; others were throwing sand and dust. It was a pitiable scene.

The house was a double storied one. Some of the inmates of the house were in the rooms on the first floor They were crying as they were surrounded by the flames. The fire was spreading. Some of the inmates came out of the house with burns and injuries (blisters). But those who were on the first floor could not get out.

In the meanwhile there came a fire brigade. The neighbor’s did their level best to extinguish the fire but they could not Now the staff of the fire-brigade fought heroically with the fierce flames. Water pipes were laid and the fire-brigade officials made an effort to control the fire. One of the officials set a stair case leading to the window of the upper story. He took a great risk. He brought out the inmates and came down the stairs amidst flames. The moment he got down along with two inmates, he fell down unconscious. The inmates and he had received severe burn injuries. They were immediately rushed to the hospital in a precarious condition

The fire did a great damage to the house, clothes furniture and other valuable articles were reduced to ashes. The fire brigade brought the fire under control after full one hour long efforts. When the flames were controlled, the house was badly damaged. All the wooden materials were reduced to ashes. The kitchen from where the fire started was giving a dismal picture. The dining room, the drawing room and the store were seriously damaged.

But thank God (that) there was no loss of human life. On inquiry it was found that the bursting of stove in the kitchen was the cause of the fire. The suffers were given compensation by the Municipal authorities.

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8 years ago

This is good essay

ahmad binyamin
ahmad binyamin
10 years ago

this is good eassy