Essay: A Railway Journey

Title: A Railway Journey


A Journey may be by train, by bus or by air is always a source of pleasure as well as gaining of experience and knowledge. During the course of a journey we come in contact with many persons and thus increase our knowledge of people and things. It broadens our outlook and sharpens our intelligence. It gives us opportunity to exchange our views with other people to whom we meet in a train or a bus while performing a journey. Generally people undertake a journey to derive a maximum joy and pleasure and relief from the boring life at home.

It was the month of June and I had to perform a journey by train to attend the marriage ceremony of one of my friends. I traveled by night train. I reached the station earlier so that I may get a good and comfortable seat in the train. I went to the booking window to purchase a ticket. There was a long queue and I had to wait for some time till my turn came. There was a great hustle and bustle at the platform. It was a busy place. Some people had come to receive their friends and others to see them off. The train had arrived and I was shocked to see that every compartment was packed to its capacity. It was an uphill task to board the train but somehow or other I managed to get into the compartment through the window and luckily got a seat near the window. After half an hour the train steamed off and I heaved a sigh of relief.

The train was running at full speed. I peeped out of the window and enjoyed the natural scenes and sights outside. At every station some people got in and some got down. I could not sit comfortably throughout the whole journey. At last the train reached my destination and I felt relief. My clothes were spoiled and I changed them. The memory of the journey still hovers in my mind.


Other Titles of the above Essay:

  • A Journey
  • A Journey by Train
  • A Joyful Journey of Train
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