Essay: An Ideal Teacher

Title: An Ideal Teacher

Other Titles for the Essay:

  • My Best Teacher
  • Qualities that a Teacher should have
  • The Teacher I Like Most


In College, I have found an ideal teacher. Mr XYZ is a young man of 35, with sound health and sound mind. He is really a man of intellect and intelligence. He is the store-house of knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes I wonder how he has acquired much knowledge and learning. While in the class he is a strict disciplinarian. He teaches sincerely enthusiastically. He explains till every student is satisfied. His method of teaching is very good. His sound arguments, explanations and well-knit thoughts make the students listen to him most attentively. He keeps the class lively and in good humor.

He does not allow any kind of boredom or idleness to descend upon the class. His witty remarks are really pleasing and delightful. Over and above, he is a good sportsman and an acknowledged athlete. That is why he is very much interested in games and sports. He always instructs students “to play while play and study while study”. He himself is a good debater and keeps the audience spell bound by his powerful oratory. He has mastery over various subjects. But his study of English literature is so deep and vast that he is held in high esteem by the students and, the staff alike.

He is an industrious teacher and takes pains while teaching. He is the master of style and as Ruskin has said “Style is the man”, his lucid language. sound knowledge and a good background of the subject make him one of the most admirable teachers of the institution. He is very kind and sympathetic towards the poor and intelligent students. Students love him and like him because of his sterling character and other qualities of head and heart. His wit and wisdom is a subject of discussion. On the whole in College, I have not my ideal teacher but a great philosopher, friend and guide as well.

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