Essay: Christmas

Title: Christmas

Christmas is the most famous and greatest festival of Christians. It is celebrated on 25th December every year in the memory of birth of Jesus Christ. This is the most important festival among Christians who celebrate it with great pomp and show. The celebration of this festival continues about a week and its preparation begins about a month earlier. The Christmas cards are sent to friends, relatives dear and near ones. The evening of 24th December is called the Christmas eve. The Christians dust and decorate their houses with flags, festoons, flowers, pictures and photos. They offer a gay spectacle. Everybody whether young or old, men or women look happy. The Child wears clean clothes and move about gaily and briskly. Fruits and sweets are bought and distributed among friends and family members. On Christmas be all wait eagerly and anxiously for the next day. The night ends and the auspicious Christmas day comes. The Christians get up early despite the cold December morning. They become ready and go to church and offer prayer to God.

They offer good wishes to their friends and relatives. They return to their houses and take sumptuous feast in their hoses in the company of friends and relatives. The rest of the day passes in merriment and recreations. They illuminate their houses in the evening. A Christmas tree is planted in the house and loaded with fruits and gifts. The children go round the tree and play games. The keep late hours at night in dancing and merry making and other recreations. Joys and smiles prevail when peons bring parcels and Christmas Cards. This is a good occasion for reviving friendships. Exchange of present, bring happiness and divides sorrows. A current of happiness and cheerfulness passes from house to house and continues up to New Year’s Day. Decorations, feasts, present, friendly visits, eating, drinking and merry-making and dancing are the chief items of this festival of the Christians.

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