Essay: Discipline

Title: Discipline

Discipline plays a very important role in every walk of life. Man is a social being. He lives in the society and it is essential for him to follow the rules of the society. Without discipline a man is like a ship without rudder. Discipline is a kind of training to fore-go personal interest for the benefit of the society. It is incumbent upon every person to observe, the laws made by the society and must pay obedience to these rules and regulations.

Discipline is found everywhere from the Heaven above and the Earth below. Animals, insects, bees and even wild beasts lead a disciplined life. Discipline ensures perfect harmony and its absence results in chaos and dis-order. Discipline is very important both in individual life as it implies self-restraint and control. Those who do not exercise it, fall a victim to many troubles aid sufferings. Its observance guarantees success and achievement of our cherished goal.

Discipline is of vital importance in educational institutions. It helps students to acquire knowledge and infuses a spirit of patience and perseverance. It makes their life sublime and leads them towards progress.

Discipline is most essential in sports as well as in the army. A small, but well-disciplined army will defeat a large ill-disciplined army. True discipline comes from within. It is like a rod to the wrong but a friend to guide all. It brings a quality of self-sacrifice, control and confidence among all individuals, severely and collectively.Discipline implies self-sacrifice, personal gains and interest for the welfare of all.

Breach and violation of discipline brings ruins of a man. Discipline must be maintained at all cost to gain popularity in the society. It matters, little if we have to lose everything for the sake of discipline. A strict disciplinarian is honored everywhere and earn a good name for himself as well as for his family.

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10 years ago

plzzzzz suggest few solutions as well as causes of undiscipline in society…..