Essay: Examination Fever

Title: Examination Fever

Even the saints say, “God do not put me to test. A test saps the energies of a persons, generates mental agony and makes him incapable of thinking correctly, Examinees shudder at the thought of the examination and fear of failure makes them unhappy. Evil dreams haunt the students and the dose of admonition given regularly disturb them.

Before the examination, the students suspend pleasure giving activities. They do not go the playground; cancel their picnic and forget about cinemas. They are busy with their books; go on reading while sipping a cup of a tea; go on revising while lying in bed. They discuss questions; talk about books and Cram about answers. Some perch on the trees; others sit in the retired corner and still others stick themselves with chairs.

The examination fever touches the highest point on the night before the examination. One gets disturbed sleep. Students get up early in the morning and even the atheists pray. In front of the examination hall one feels that everything was evaporated from his brain. A friend says. “This question is sure to be set”. Another says. “Have you prepared these questions?” The student feels disturbed and turns the pages of notes of books hastily and rolls his eyes over the answer.

As soon as he takes his seat in the examination hall, he prays to God or revises the questions. If the question paper is difficult glasses of water are ordered. The candidate perspires. An easy question paper may make the choice of questions difficult. As he sets down to writing, he may feel that much has evaporated from his brain.

Even after the examination the fever still haunts the student. He tells his friend. “I was a bit confused” or “I could not do justice to questions”. He counts his marks daily and thinks that he would get a second class. He remains in this type of suspense when the Judgment Day comes. He tries to find his roll number in the newspaper. This movement is very troublesome because failure would invite taunting remarks of the friends, neighbours and the relatives. Even if he gets through, he would be heard saying, there is something wrong with the examiner. Perhaps my answer sheets are replaced.” Examination fever cannot be measured.

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