Essay: How I Spend My Sunday

Title: How I Spend My Sunday

I wish every day was a Sunday but alas! the day comes aft waiting for six long days. We praise God who made this especially for the students. I have not to get up at 5 A.M. and g ready for college. My mother knows it and does not touch me before 7 A.M. She is so sweet when she tells me that the breakfast is ready. I leave the bed with a heavy heart and spend maximum time in bathroom. We have formed a small club of cricket players w assemble in the park to play the game. We have devised the wick and ball. We have also settled the boundary of the park as boundary of our ground. Mother sends for me to take lunch and it only when she herself appears at the scene that I go back home. I never miss the lessons on cricket by Zaheer Abbas which are telecast from the Lahore station.

Our teachers load us with heavy home-work. The parents check my school diary and do not allow me to out till I have finished it. I try to dash through it as fast as possible. I never miss the Sun movie on the T.V. It is the best source of enjoyment. Sometime invite my friends to visit my house. We discuss our plans to organ some friendly match with other clubs. We also go to the park to see. Nature bathed in all its beauty. The park of our locality has own frost prize in the annual competition and is one of the best maintained ones.

In the evening, when we sit for supper, the fear of getting up early next morning again grips my mind. I remind my mother to wake up early, so that, I could finish the remaining home-work. Before going to sleep. I bid sad farewell to my dear Sunday and wish to come again as soon as possible in the form of a holiday.

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