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Essay: If I Win A Lottery

Title: If I Win A Lottery

Essay: If I Win A Lottery
Essay: If I Win A Lottery

If there were dreams to sell, what would you buy? I would buy a beautiful bungalow in a posh colony and lead a rich luxurious life. The lottery helps us in realizing our dream. Even if I don’t win any thing, there is no harm in living in the dream world for some days. The world around us is full of haste and hurry. We spend hole day working hard and what is the reward. If one is a clerk, he will remain as a clerk all his life. He can hardly think of turning a corner. We hear of a so many fairies helping the human beings in lives and making them millionaires overnight. If a wood cutter can be rewarded with a golden axe for his honesty, why can’t god of wealth smile on me in the form of this lottery ticket? We have Lottery man’ round the corner who has displayed the photographs of those lucky winners who purchased the ticket from him. It is another mater that the prize was never more than Rs. one hundred. Who knows, I may be the person who will hit the Jackpot? If that golden day gleams, I will go in a car to collect the prize money. How pleasant to offer a hundred rupee note to the chauffeur and ask him to return the change as I have no small currency note! The chief guest will shake hand with me and hand me over the cheque as the prize money.

I will deposit the whole money in the bank and issue cheques to my parents and sister. I will plan a holiday in Swat where I will stay in a beautiful hotel. I will watch the beauty of the Swat Lake- with my own eyes. In the evening, I will drive to the choicest picnic spots. I will spend lavishly and give tips liberally to the servants. I shall purchase the choicest gowns and beautiful clothes not only for myself but also for my parents and sister. I will tell my sister to make her own choice without thinking of the cost. I will loosen the string of my purse for my parents and ask them to spend freely. It will be really my dream-world. I will ask my parents to shift to a bungalow in a posh colony so that we can live there like real millionaires.

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