Essay: Joys Of Hostel Life

Title: Joys Of Hostel Life

Home life cultivates emotions of man where as hostel life develops individuality. Mother’s affection, father’s vigilance and brother’s interest may be missing in the hostel but there are many compensatory benefits. I think, without hostel life man is incomplete and he cannot live an independent life successfully till he has lived in a hostel. Hostel life is the most suitable type of life particularly for the students. But everything has its negative aspect and so is the “case with the hostel life. In a hostel a person may while away his time in useless activities and it may not be possible for him to take up the Work so seriously as he may take up at home.

Essay: Joys Of Hostel Life
Essay: Joys Of Hostel Life

In hostel a person is able to develop independent relations with his roommates and with other students. These relations are based on a feeling of equality which is missing at home. At home a person may talk to his; father only as a son and to his younger brothers only as an elder, in the hostel there is the sense of equality. Consequently one learns the ways of life. One cannot be irritated by others’ remarks and one may not be very liberal with his friends. A relation based upon rationality has to be cultivated.

A person learns to live within means.. While living in the hostel one gets a fixed amount of money every month and he cannot demand more money at any time of the month. At home one can get some money from the father and some from the mother and some from brother and sister. In the hostel one has to be very particular about one’s budget.’ This habit of economy stands in good stead during one’s life.

In hostel one gets every opportunity for studying properly. Uncles and aunts cannot visit you and waste your time. Similarly no time will be wasted in quarelling with brothers and sisters and in doing some of the household jobs. In the hostel a person will be concerned only with one’s studies. More over one can adjust time of study according to one’s liking. One can study through-out the night without disturbing the sleep of the other members of the family. More over one can easily consult class-fellows in the hotel, whereas at home that type of help may not be available.

In the hostel one leads an independent life free from curbs; one is to decide oneself whether he has to do a particular thing or not. There is a possibility that in taking some decisions he may commit a mistake and so he may suffer ultimately. If he takes a wise decision he may be successful in his life. He learns how to come to a definite decision. This type of independent thinking is helpful in many ways.

In hostel one can come across different types of people and those people may make us to know much about life and the way of life. Students with different types of family background live in the hostel and so he comes to know about the different standards of living.

Above all one’s life becomes some what disciplined in a hostel. In some of the hostels every student has to get up at a particular time whereas in other hostels one has to play games in the 1 evening compulsorily. So this makes the life quite regular. Hostel makes us to learn many things about life and its ways and if one takes the hostels life as it should be taken one can develop ones personality.

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