Essay: My Last Day At College

Title: My Last Day At College

In every college there is a tradition that the junior students e a farewell party to the senior outgoing students. In this way in a government College every year the students of XI Class give a farewell party to the XII Class students who are departing for their Board examination. Although parting from one’s college is always sad yet in this manner the last day in the college is made a memorable occasion for the students who are leaving. This day is definitely a sad day for those who are leaving. But at the sametime it is full of hopes, because they are now going to achieve their mission for which they had joined the college years ago.

On this day both the students and the teachers give emotional and touching speeches at the farewell party. The voice of the speakers-is choked. The students ask for forgiveness if they had been rude to their teachers during their stay in the college. The teachers bless them and wish them a good and bright career in the future. It is a day when a relationship which had been established over a period of nearly 2 years is snapped suddenly. The students take away the sweet memories of their college.

Last year I had to appear at the Intermediate Examination in March. Our -Principal gave us preparatory holidays for nearly two weeks in February. He also announced that the farewell function for the outgoing students would be organised on 24th February. So it was my last day at the college where I had studied for nearly 2 years. The function was to be organised by the students of XI Class under the supervision of our Vice-Principal. We reached the college at 10.00 a.m. The function was to start at 10.30 a.m. We had been asked to reach the college half an hour before the actual time.

The students of the Class XI had beautifully decorated the college with buntings and balloons. In the college a small stage had also been erected. On the stage were our honourable Principal, Vice-Principal and other members of the staff. All the students sat on the carpets which were spread on our ground. First of all we assembled in the lawn Of our college for a group photograph. After the photograph was taken we assembled in the Hall.

The Principal of our college presided over the function. The moment our Principal arrived, a student of our class garlanded him After this a few items of cultural program like songs, jokes etc. were arranged. There were certain students both in Class XI and Class XII who gave us good and touching, sprigs. Some students also recited poems and couplets befitting the occasion. The cultural program which was organised for the entertainment of the student and guests was a great success.

After the cultural program was over the monitor of class XI rose and gave a touching farewell speech with the permission of the chair person. After this the monitor of our class also made a brief speech on behalf of the outgoing, students, which was also very moving. After this our respectable teachers by whom we were taught blessed us one by one. They also gave brief speeches.

In the end, our Principal gave us his blessings in an inspiring and memorable speech. He exhorted us to work hard in life and dedicate ourselves to the building of our nation. He advised us to lead a disciplined and honest life. He also wished us success in our future career. His speech was very impressive. All the students clapped when he finished his speech. After the end of the Principal’s speech we were served with tea, biscuits, cakes and fruits. It was a fine party which w as liked by every one. The function was adjudged to be the best organised during the last so many years. This was indeed a memorable day in my life. All the outgoing students took leave of their teachers and friends individually. The teachers blessed us by extending their good wishes for our forthcoming examination, this was our last day at the College.

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