Essay: Pleasures Of Reading

Title: Pleasures Of Reading

“Reading maketh a full man.” Reading poetry makes a man imaginative whereas argumentative prose develop logical thinking. Shakespeare’s dramas take us into the world of romance where realism exists by side. Ketats poems open magic casements for us. We learn the ways of the world from the books. These are companions who will never betray if we are faithful to them.

“Studies serve for delight, for ornament and for ability. When a person has no company, books give delight. It serves as an ornament when a person talk to another one. Conversation punctuated by the great writer’s opinions becomes impressive. Moreover, through reading books one acquires the capacity to conduct the affair properly.

Cunning people misuse their studies, simple men admire them but wise people use them. A criminal minded persons will commit crimes more cleverly by reading detective novels. On the other hand wise people get good guidance from them in their work. They get success which gives happiness. Studies give confidence and confidence overcomes hurdles.

Histories make men wise; poets witty; mathematicians subtle: and philosophy deep. So if a man cannot concentrate let him study mathematics; if he cannot be discriminatory let him study philosophy; if one cannot argue one should study the lawyer’s cases. So every defect of the mind can be remedied by reading different subjects.

When the harsh realities of life depress us we can read Arabian Nights. For some time we forget that in this world people sit and hear each other’s groan. We start feeling that life is a long holiday. Moreover, we cultivate moral outlook by reading novels and dramas. Similarly we may learn more about Joan of Arc from Shaw’s drama Saint Joan Pems stirs our emotions and give us a thrill. Though books splendour is changed into fragrance.

In short, books are man’s real companions. They never desert man even in trouble. Reading is a very good habit. The people who develop the habit of reading, never fail is any field or examination. All the students must develop the habit of reading because it is the only way to become of perfect man.

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