Essay: “Students and Politics”

Essay Title: Students and Politics

“Politics is the refuge of scoundrels”, said Dr. Johnson. In fact a politician if he wants to be a success should either be a rogue or becomes a rogue after entering politics. It is not possible for an honest man to remain in politics for a long time because one has to tell lies, make false promises and think of one’s own interest. Despite these negative aspects of politics it has glamour and attraction. A number of people with the remote hope of coming to the top ruin their careers. Moreover politics is so much time consuming that it is not possible for a person to devote attention to anything else.

By keeping the above mentioned aspects of politics, we can say that students should not take part in politics. The primary duty of the students is towards their education; they should not indulge in politics because it will divert their attention and make them to follow the wrong path. If they neglect their studies their whole life will be unhappy. Politics would create a tension in their mind and they would always be thinking of staging a show-down of the other party. On the other hand studies need a very balanced and patient approach.

By bringing politics to the universities and colleges we will make them unsuitable for helping the nation to progress. Young people are enthusiastic, so is their zest for bringing certain changes. They do certain things which may not be in the larger interests of the country. Politics if indulged in, immature people may endanger democracy. So it is said that the students being immature their thinking should never indulge in politics because it is not in the national interests.

Students can easily be exploited by the politicians for their person ends. They try to utilize the youth force for their personal benefit. This tendency is also not conductive to the welfare of the nation. This type of exploitation generally results in violence. In fact the students are not so much interested in politics as the politicians want them to be. The politicians generally try to pick up one or the other problem concerning universities or colleges and make the students to agitate against it. The worst part of it is that the college and the university teachers are themselves politicians or they have political affiliations. So in order to win favour of their patrons they try to make capital out of the situation. Till this interference by the politicians in the affairs of the universities or colleges is not stopped it may not be possible to weed out politics from universities and colleges. So students will stop taking part in politics if the politicians observe the code of conduct and do not keep their personal interests in mind.

Some may say that complete indifference to politics will make the students politically ignorant. On the other hand in a democratic state citizen must be politically awake. They may infer that till students take part in politics they will not be acquired of good citizen. They should understand politics though they should not take part in it. College unions create unhealthy atmosphere but unfortunately these are patronized by the political parties. Educational institutions should be completely free from politics.

Other Titles for the above Essay:

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  • Politics a hazard to Students
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