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Essay: The Funniest Incident

Title: The Funniest Incident

Essay: The Funniest Incident
Essay: The Funniest Incident

One Sunday morning, I received an invitation from a friend of mine. I had come back from U.K to my native place. So, he invited me to lunch. I got up early in the morning and started getting ready. My sister gave me a cup of tea early in the morning. Then I took my bath and got ready. My sister then again asked me to take some snacks and tea but I refused to take it as I was more interested in reaching my friend’s house. He insisted upon me to’ take a heavy breakfast but I ignored his request. I went out of my house and stood at the bus-stop. I boarded the bus. Meanwhile the conductor came and asked me to buy the ticket. I asked him to give me a ticket for Model town. The conductor frowned upon me saying. “It is going in the reverse direction; you get down at the next stop and catch another bus”. I was baffled for some time. Then I alighted from the bus and again waited for the bus going to the Hawk town.

I got the bus and reached 20, Hawk town. But surprisingly when I reached his house, I found the door locked. I was puzzled and thought whether I had come to the right place. But a little later, as I was gazing and pondering, a neighbor of my friend came and asked me. For what are you standing here? Do you want to meet some one?” I replied Yes, I want to see Mr. Johnson here. He immediately replied, “But he has living changed his house last Wednesday and has gone to White Linz Town” got his address from his neighbor.
Frustrated, I came back to the bus stop. I was feeling hungry. Soon it started drizzling. I was now in a fix as to what to do and, what not. My confusion became all the more confounded by the torrential rains. I had refused to take morning breakfast in the hope that I would take it at my friends house. At this stage my anger was mounting. I was cursing myself as well as my fate. But soon the anger got the better of myself. I made up my mind to meet John.

I made my journey to Linz Town and reached his home rang the door bell Mike, a tiny tot ( John’s youngest brother) came out and greeted me with a “Hello, uncle.” The moment I entered the thawing room, I saw the parents of John sitting on the sofa. They offered me a seat and sat quite modestly’. As I was about to talk about invitation send to me by john, Dolly (John’s sister) came with tea. She was looking like a pretty and vivacious damsel. Now the elderly mother of John began to talk very politely. “Look son, the invitation to tea was a joke, as you know today is First April Fool’s Day. But you are fortunate that your proposal of marriage has been accepted by all the members of our family. “I was thrilled to hear these words coming from the august lip of Dolly’s mother. My joy knew no bounds. The facial expressions of Dolly were quite attractive. Her lent looks pleased me as she was making silent expressions of love. We had the tea to our heart’s content. I rushed from their house in order to convey this happy news to my parents. This day, indeed, was the funniest and happiest day of my life.

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