Essay: The Happiest Day of my Life

Title: The Happiest Day of my Life

There is hardly any living being who has not gone through ups and downs of life. Actually, life is full of bad as well as good incidents. Some of them may be forgotten with the passage of time, whereas others leave an everlasting imprint ‘on the mind. One feels delighted when one is favoured with fortune but plunges into despair during misfortunes. In fact, the wise man is the person who is neither overjoyed in property nor takes adversity to heart.

Last year, I passed the Higher Secondary Examination. Although I had fared well in the examination yet I was not so hopeful of getting first class. I was very much anxious because the question of my career was involved in it. The day earlier, when the result was expected to appear in the newspapers. I spent a restless night. I along with my friends got up early in the morning and wanted to catch the newspaper hawker on the way. Soon he appeared shouting about the declaration of the Higher Secondary results. His shouts were piercing my heart. I hurriedly took the paper and started spotting out my roll number. All sorts of expression were appearing on my face. It was a matter of immense surprise and pleasure to find that I stood second in my school securing 1st class. God fulfilled my desires I felt grateful to Him. My other friends also passed securing good marks. In order to celebrate our happiness, we chalked out a programme to go to some picnic-spot. We decided to go to Canal.

We reached Canal, at 11.00a.m. There was a heavy cavalcade (rush) of people. The banks of the canal were occupied by the visitors. We picked a place under a banyan tree and sat on there. We also took with us all the paraphernalia of lunch. We had our lunch to our heart’s content. Then we listened to music. As we were lost in the sweet music of our transistor, we heard loud cries. I immediately rushed toward the canal and saw to my shock and surprise that a boy was drowning. He was crying for help.

I immediately jumped into the water and swam to wards the drowning boy. I caught hold of the boy after a great struggle and dragged him towards the bank. He was in a semiconscious state. When I saw him closely I was surprised to know that he was at one time my class fellow. He was then given medical aid and after some time he regained consciousness. I was delighted to see him recovering. My joy knew no bounds because I had saved the life of a boy who happens to be my friend. This day was a day of great joy and happiness. Not only did I secure second position but also did a brave and noble act by saving the boy from going into the jaws of death. This day, never-the-less will go down in my life as one of the happiest day.

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