Essay: The Teacher That Has Influenced Me Most

Title: The Teacher That Has Influenced Me Most

The teaching profession is a very noble job. An ideal teacher is the friend, philosopher and guide of his students. He takes a personal interest in their studies and helps them inside and outside the classes. It is a privilege to be the student of an ideal teacher who possesses all these qualities.

Every student has his ideal teacher or a favourite teacher in the college. I have met many teachers during my 11 years of studies in the school. Some of them have also influenced me much by their personal qualities and knowledge. I respect all my teachers and have the privilege to be liked by them all. I can never forget all my teachers who have been teaching me for so many years.

But inspite of my respect for all the teachers Mr. Tariq is my, most favourite teacher in my college. He is my ideal teacher. I worship him for his good qualities and vast knowledge. In reality, he has all the good qualities which are necessary for an ideal teacher.

Mr. Tariq teaches us Social Studies. He is the most popular teacher in our college. All students love him and obey his orders very loyally. Even the other teachers give him the highest respect. He has dedicated his life to the noble cause of education. He is taking a lot of interest in his work. He teachers all the students with a missionary spirit.

He is a highly experienced teacher. He has read many books: He also possesses a very good library. He often gives his books to the students for reading. His method of teaching is very good. Every student can understand it very easily. He does not mind at all if we ask him questions.

Many of his old students are now occupying high offices in the government and other offices. In reality he is one of those teachers who are the builders of our nation. He is double M.A. in Political Science and English. Throughout his career he secured 1st Division. He has also done his Bed. Securing distinction in the university.

He is a man of very good habits. You can always see him in if a cheerful mood. He possesses a very impressive personality. He plays games with the students every day. He wears very simple but neat clothes. His simplicity enhances his personality.

He is very punctual and regular in his classes. IL also wants his student to learn these good qualities. Of course, there is a strict in his classes. No student ever dares to create an noise in his class.

Mr. Tariq is a true seeker of knowledge. He is just like Socrates. He tries to teach us the virtues of truth and justice. He is highly impartial and never discriminates among his students. We all wish him a long and happy life.

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