Essay: When I was a Small Child

Title: When I was a Small Child

I am the eldest child in my family and was born after seven years of my parent’s marriage. You can very well imagine what a rare gem I am for them. I was fondled lavishly and a single tear from my eye would bring ten from my mother’s eye. When I started walking with the help of baby-walker, my parents held a grand feast. Noises of every type fascinated me. When the Balloon seller passed our lane, I used to run after him. My mother would buy the balloon filled with grains. It made sweet noise when it was jerked about. She also bought beautiful toys which had a whistle fitted underneath. When I pressed the doll, she, would squeak. When I was three years old, my birthday was celebrated with great pomp and show. My parents might have celebrated my first and second birthdays as well, but they have not left any trace in my memory. My relatives had brought beautiful toys which had to be wound up.

When the toy car was left on the floor, it would run for some distance. When the joker was wound up, it would blow a trumpet. It was a strange world when my parents were ready to bring moon from the sky. Once a juggler with two monkeys came to our street. He showed monkey tricks which engaged my attention. The he-monkey fell in love with she-monkey. She refused to marry the male monkey. He-monkey went to his father-in-law’s house wearing a colorful dress. I cannot forget the scene at his in-law’s house. I also liked the tricks shown by the juggler.

I was taken to the school when I was five years old. My parents had carried sweets to be distributed among the students. I was wearing a new dress and my mother had groomed me with great care. Both my parents left me there and walked back home. I shouted and cried but there was no help. My tears could not bring them back. The teacher talked gently and asked other students to make friends with me.

I grew up very fast. My friends grew in number and we started playing pranks with our neighbors. We used to enter any house and press the button of the call-bell. When the owner came out, we used to run away as fast as our legs could carry us. These memories are things of the past and a huge bag of books and heavy home-work is left-behind.

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