IPB Find Formula Milk Anti-Bird Flu

IPB Find Formula Milk Anti-Bird Flu, Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) Rahmat Hidayat managed to find a formulation of anti-bird flu and anti-diarrhea for mixed and improve the quality of milk powder. This finding is one of 201 research IPB lecturers who have completed in 2010.

“My research for one year managed to find Immunoglobulin yolk or Ig-Y and antidiarrheal antiflu birds from egg yolk,” said Rahmat Hidayat, after presenting the results of his research in a seminar IPB Research Results 2010, Monday (13/12/2010 ) afternoon.Seminar held at IPB International Convention Center in Bogor City until Tuesday.

He explained that the Ig-Y is produced in the form of spray dry yolk, dry freeze egg yolks, and pure extracts. In such form, Ig-Y inserted or mixed into whole milk powder milk formula to be anti-bird flu and anti-diarrhea.

“I deliberately choose milk with the aim to further improve the quality of infant formula for children of school age. Ig-Y does not change the taste, color and smell of milk. However, with the Ig-Y, the improved milk quality. If now, eg , no powdered milk formula DH +, then there will be anti-milk powder bird flu and anti-diarrhea, “he said.

For anti-diarrhea, he only limits on anti-diarrhea caused by Escherichia coli and Salmonella enteritidis. Lots of bacteria is cause diarrhea. “I focus on two types of bacteria because these bacteria are often attacked the children,” he said.

Ig-Y Rahmat new findings tested in laboratory studies with chickens as test media. This finding has not been tested in humans because for the first year of study, he was focusing the discovery of Ig-Y and mixing in the milk formula.

“Proposals for a second or subsequent year of research I’ve made and submitted to an institution, but have not got a definite answer. I really was looking for possible private sector can help or work together to continue this research,” he said.

As for financing research that produced the first year the formula Ig-Y anti-bird flu and anti-diarrhea is derived from the Directorate of Research & Public Service Directorate of Higher Education at the Ministry of National Education. Funds he received amounted to USD 87.5 million cut in VAT by 15 percent.

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