Mothers Day

Mothers Day

Mothers are the most precious and expensive gift of GOD to humans. There is no substitute of mother in this world. No matter how, does anyone care or love you so much, you will always miss your mother. Mother’s lap is the place in this world where you forget all the worries and problems of your life and you will feel the ultimate rest and comfort there. Mother is the only creature in this world who loves her children without any greed.Mothers Day

She is a wonderful blessing. She spent her whole life making life of her children. She wanted to make her children the most successful and great person in this world and in this effort she never misses a thing. A person cannot payback the efforts of his mother, but he should not miss any opportunity to serve her mother and make her happy.

Every year 2nd Sunday of May is celebrated as the Mother’s day in most countries of the world. Some other countries celebrate the mothers day on other dates of February, March, April, May, June and August This year Mother’s Day 2012 will be celebrated on 13th May 2012 in most parts of the world.

We should celebrate this day that this day becomes very special for our sacrificing mother and make our mothers feel special. We also make an effort to give people ideas about how to celebrate the Mother’s day. On the link given below you can see Mother’s day celebration ideas or How to Celebrate Mother’s day.

Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

We can give her gifts and greetings but gift should be such that it makes your mother happy and feel special. Many great peoples wrote many quotes about the greatness of Mothers and Mother’s day. This concern shows the importance of Mother’s day in our life. We also arrange some quotes about Mother and Mother’s day for you to write these on the greeting cards and send text messages on cellphones. Some of the great and lovely quotes and sms about the Mother’s Day and Mothers are given below in the link.

Mother’s Day Quotes

Peoples also send sms or text messages to their friends, relative and loved one. You can also find a huge collection of Mother’s day sms and text messages in the link given below:

Mother’s Day SMS, Text Messages

Greeting card are the best way to express the wishes on any occasion and so did on Mother’s day. The great words of wishes can express the true love and care for your mother. The best Mother’s day wishes and greetings are given below in the link:

Mother’s Day Wishes and Greetings

Mother’s Day 2012 will be celebrated on 13th May 2012. Mother’s Day celebration dates of the previous and next years are given below:

2009 – Sunday, May 10th

2010 – Sunday, May 9th

2011 – Sunday, May 8th

2012 – Sunday, May 13th

2013 – Sunday, May 12th

2014 – Sunday, May 11th

2015 – Sunday, May 10th

2016 – Sunday, May 8th

We wish you and your family a Happy Mother’s Day.

Share your suggestion and quotes with us in the comment section and dedicate your love for your mother.

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