TURANOR PlanetSolar: The World’s Largest Solar Powered Boat

This is Immo Ströher’s TÛRANOR PlanetSolar crowned the world’s largest solar powered boat. It measures in at 5,700 square feet mostly covered by solar panels. The mechanism as we know store the solar panels collected energy to lithium ion battery that runs the boat. It takes the German entrepreneur $17.5 million to build this earth-loving boat.
And the story doesn’t ends here, Immo Ströher wants another record to be the first person to sail around the globe without using any fossil fuels at all. Now that seems reasonable, why you should be building a multi-million boat just to go fishing? If he will succeeds on his record attempt, he will be the first one to stamp it on the history.
If you believe Immo, you can catch him and PlanetSolar in Miami or Cancun, as it is scheduled to stop there during the next month.
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