Water Purifying Equipment at Its Best

Michael Pritchard designed a life saver bottle for purifying the contaminated water. This bottle can filter objects larger than 15nm and can purify the smallest known Bacteria(200nm) and smallest known Virus(25nm) from water except the dissolved salts. Lifesaver bottle is one of the most helpful invention contributing toward the days of disasters and also our common routines.It does all this without the aid of any foul tasting chemicals like iodine or chlorine.It actually use a carbon filter which have 15nm pores.

Lifesaver Bottle

The bottle’s interchangeable filter can purify between 4,000 and 6,000 liters (1,050 to 1,585 gallons).The process of filtering the water takes 20 seconds, allowing for 1.5 pints of water to be filtered.

Lifesaver Jerrycan is a larger version of Lifesaver bottle having same technology and working mechanism. The can allows for the filtration of 10,000 to 20,000 liters (2,650 to 5,300 gallons). One jerrycan filter can provide water for four people over a three-year span.

Lifesaver Jerrycan

In 2007, a few Lifesaver bottles were tested by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and found to completely filter out bacteria and viruses.

This is the equipment which must be shipped in the area where water is needed instead of supplying water because water can found everywhere but it is not suitable of drinking always, so Lifesaver Bottle and Lifesaver Jerrycan made it possible.These water filtering equipments are also very economical as compared to the today’s filtering techniques.

According to Michael Pritchard

“For $20 billion everyone can have access to safe drinking water.

So the 3.5 billion people that suffer every year… and the 2 million kids that die

every year will live.”

Here is the Video demonstration of these water filtering equipments:

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