Essay: Science and Human Comfort

Title: Science and Human Comfort

The progress today is all because of science. Science has brought a great revolution in all the fields of our life. The impossibilities have been achieved through science. Now miracles are happening daily. Science has given power and self-confidence to man. It it because of  science that today man is the master of all around him. Science is a friend of man and it has done and doing much in the service of humanity. Science has shortened distances. In the past, journeys and travels took much time. People departed from their relatives and friends with sad hearts. Now those days are gone. We can traverse long distances in just a few hours. The fast moving trains and aeroplanes are there to help us. Telephone, telegraph and the wireless flash the news across the world in the twinkling of an eye. Sitting beside your radio, you can enjoy a match, being played thousands of miles away. On television you cannot only hear the speaker but also see his picture. Wireless has brought the countries closer. The world is now like a company.

The bonds of friendship and the ties of love between the people of different countries have been strengthened. Science has brought man nearer to man and  this is a good service. In the past, life was a drudgery There were no amusements. The people worked, ate and slept. Conditions of life were hard. Now the  radio amuses us, and the cinema entertains us Electricity is our maid-servant. She does every impossible and difficult job for us. She moves the fans, heats the rooms, illuminates the cities, presses the clothes, works the machines and cooks our foods. There are calculating machines. Computers are present to lessen our burden, and save our live. In short, life has been made easy and now it is not a bed of thorns as it used to be in the past. Disease was another monster in the past. Now medical science helped us fight against the most deadly diseases. Death rate has been reduced. Now the death can be brought to life. Lungs can be replaced and heart can be operated upon. Surgery has worked wonders. Now heart transplant is possible. Grafting can replace useless or ugly parts of body.

Hunger and famine struck the people in the past. Now the famines break out very rarely Progress and research in the field of  agriculture has increased the production. Fertilizers never allow the soil to go barren. Swift means of communication and transportation have made it easy to carry grain from one place to another. So we see that science has brought comfort and pleasure for mankind. It has reduced human misery. It is right to say it a friend of  mankind.

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