Essay: Travelling As A Part Of Education

Title: Travelling As A Part Of Education

Travelling has always been regarded as a part of young one’s education. In olden days it was a tradition in Europe that after completing their academic career young men of high families were sent abroad to get training in practical life.

Travelling gives us first-hand knowledge, which books cannot provide. “Books are a mighty bloodless substitute for life,” says Stevenson, and can impart only second hand knowledge at the best.” But while travelling abroad, one gets accustomed to bear – hardship. He learns the lesson of self-dependence and self confidence. Thus, travelling gives an excellent training for building one’s character.

Travelling also brings about an understanding between different nations and links them together in close culture relations. Our world has become one big family on account of the ease and speed provided to us by new means of travel. Goodwill missions of one country visit another country. In recent years many such missions have come to Pakistan from various countries of the world, and the results are very encouraging.

Travelling also serves as a true test for one’s strength of character. Our love for good and dislike against the evil depend largely on public raise and blame. At home there is a check of elders, and either out of their fear or due to social checks, we regulate our conduct in accordance with the rules of decency. These checks are absent in a foreign land where no one knows us. Thus, if we can show fellow-feeling, courage, generosity, and goodness while travelling among strangers, it means that we really have a strong character.

World’s great travellers, men like Ibnai Batuta, Columbus, and Saadi Shirazi, have been men of great renown. They acquired a knowledge above men through travels and became great discoverers, poets and experienced men of the world.

Thus, we may conclude, in every land and through all ages, the importance of travelling has been realized. Therefore, our educationists as well as our social institutions, should give due importance to this aspect of human life.

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