International University of Health & Welfare (IUHW) Japan Scholarhship Program for Asians 2011-2012

International University of Healt & Welfare (IUHW) of Japan offers scholarhship Program for students Asian countries for the session 2011-2012. The International University of Healt & Welfare (IUHW) of Japan offers scholarships in the fields of health care and welfare service, to study at IUHW from the session beginning in April, 2012. The applications for the Scholarships are to be send through HEC (Higher Education Commission) Pakistan for Pakistani Students. More information about the IUHW scholarship is given below:

International University of Healt & Welfare (IUHW) Japan scholarhsip Program for Eligible students from Asian Countries and Regions 2012


International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW), Japan has announced the Scholarship Program for Asian students, in the fields of health care and welfare service, to study at IUHW from the session beginning in April, 2012. The applications are to be routed / sent through Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. The details of the scholarship announced by IUHW are as under:


Applicants from Asian countries or Asian regions at large.

Field of Study / Offered Programs:


School of Health Science:

  • Departments of Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and hearing Sciences
  • Orthoptics & Visual Sciences
  • Radiological Sciences.

School of Health and Welfare:

  • Department of Social Services and Healthcare Management.


  • Master’s Program in Health Sciences
  • Master’s Program in Health and Welfare, and Health Service Management.
  • Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology
  • Master’s Program in Health and Bio-pharmacy
  • Doctoral Program in Health Sciences

Length of Study:

Four years for undergraduate students, two years for graduate students in master’s Programs and three years for graduate students in Doctoral Program (starting from April 2012).

What scholarship covers:

Travelling expenses to and from Japan are not included in the coverage. The scholarship covers only the following:

  • Tuition and admission fees
  • Other expenses necessary for study i.e., textbooks, uniforms etc.
  • Free accommodations (apartments to be arranged by IUHW)
  • A living allowance


I.            Applicants must be good citizens with fine character and willing to serve their own countries.

II.            Applicants must return to their own country and serve as leaders in the fields of health and welfare after completion of their studies at IUHW.

III.            Applicants must have at least 12-year school education (or equivalent) with good academic record to apply for undergraduate, 16-years or equivalent of education for Master’s Program and 18-years of education or equivalent for Doctorate (PhD) program.

IV.            Applicants must have Japanese language proficiency or equivalent with Japanese Proficiency test (the N2 level), in order to study at IUHW without difficulties.

V.            Applicants must be in good health.

Other Conditions:

  • Scholarship recipients are not allowed to do part-time jobs, while studying.
  • The recipients who will drop or will remain in the same class for another year, have to pay back the tuition fees and other expenses provided by IUHW.

Application Procedure and Selection Schedule:

  • HEC Application form (click here to download)
  • IUHW Application form for 2012 duly filled with the help of computer only (Click here to download). Attach following documents with IUHW application form:
  • Letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation of the person related to the embassy is preferable.
  • A handwritten essay in JAPANESE Language within 800 Japanese letters and words on the topic of ‘Your Motive to apply for the IUHW Fellowships”
  • A certification of Health from government hospital or authorized medical practitioner.
  • Academic transcript / certificates/ Degrees of SSC, HSSC, Bachelors and Masters (as the case may be).
  • A certificate of the proficiency in Japanese (or a diploma issued by a Japanese language school)

Send the above mentioned documents to the address mentioned below  before 31-08-2011 to the following address:

Asif Kaleem Malik

Project Manager (FFSP/IUHW)

HRD Division,

Higher Education Commission,

H-9, Islamabad


Note:  HEC is only facilitating in the said scholarship and has no financial liability in this regard.


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