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Microcontroller Projects

this category contains different micro controllers projects

Robotic Arm Simulation Project

Abstract: The purpose of this project is to implement a simplified version of a robotic arm. This arm uses three motors: one to control the horizontal rotation (about z-axis) of the arm, second and third to control the vertical rotation (up & down movement). Servo motors are used in robotics …

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Digital Code Lock System

A simple project of digital code lock system. The basic user lock is of 5 Digits and Master Lock is of 10 digits so its not easy for an intruder to break the lock unless you keep the code simple. The input is taken from a 4×3 Keypad (please see …

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Temperature Controlled Fan

Project summary: A simple project using micro-controller AT89S51 to control the speed of 12V fan according to the surrounding temperature. In this project we use the concept of PWM(pulse width modulation) to increase or decrease the speed of fan. We also interface 2*16 character LCD which shows the outside¬† temperature …

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