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Essay: “The Role of College Libraries”

Essay Title: The Role of College Libraries Other Titles for the Essay: My College Library Importance of College Libraries   The libraries play a vital part in furthering educational aims is undeniable. As an appreciation and recognition of this fact, libraries are increasingly becoming an integral part of college everywhere. …

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Essay: “The value of Games in Education”

Essay Title: The Value of Games in Education Other Titles for the Essay: Importance of Games Games as essential part of Education   Education aims at full development of the human personality. The human personality has several sides and it is the purpose of education to develop all these sides …

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Essay: “Students and Politics”

Essay Title: Students and Politics “Politics is the refuge of scoundrels”, said Dr. Johnson. In fact a politician if he wants to be a success should either be a rogue or becomes a rogue after entering politics. It is not possible for an honest man to remain in politics for …

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Essay: An Ideal Teacher

Title: An Ideal Teacher Other Titles for the Essay: My Best Teacher Qualities that a Teacher should have The Teacher I Like Most   In College, I have found an ideal teacher. Mr XYZ is a young man of 35, with sound health and sound mind. He is really a …

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Essay: Travelling As A Part Of Education

Title: Travelling As A Part Of Education Travelling has always been regarded as a part of young one’s education. In olden days it was a tradition in Europe that after completing their academic career young men of high families were sent abroad to get training in practical life. Travelling gives …

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Essay: When The Parents Are Angry

Title: When The Parents Are Angry My parents are very gentle but they are not gods. They get angry sometimes but it is for a very short while. The anger of mother and father is of different type. Whereas my mother gets angry very often, my father is cool and …

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Essay: The Sailor and his life

Title: The Sailor and his life A sailor is one who knows how to work in a sailing ship. Nowadays there are not many sailing ships left, for their place has been taken by steam-ships. And an old sailor would say that the crews who work on steamships are pot …

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Essay: The Teacher That Has Influenced Me Most

Title: The Teacher That Has Influenced Me Most The teaching profession is a very noble job. An ideal teacher is the friend, philosopher and guide of his students. He takes a personal interest in their studies and helps them inside and outside the classes. It is a privilege to be …

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