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BendDesk Technology

Bend desk is a future technology which is exactly like a touch screen but have cured surface and multiple new capabilities over simple touch screen. It allows multitasking and multiple user interfacing in the same time. The folks at Media Computing Group have recently re-defined their latest technology BendDesk. This …

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Superconducting Chips To Become Reality

Superconductors are substances that conduct electricity without losses when cooled down to very low temperatures. Pure semiconductors, like silicon or germanium, are almost non-conducting at low temperatures, but transform into conducting materials after doping with foreign atoms. An established method of doping is ion implantation (ions = charged atoms) by …

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Power Grid of the Future Saves Energy

Power Grid of the Future Saves Energy | Power Grid Saves Energy, Cars and trucks race down the highway, turn off into town, wait at traffic lights and move slowly through side streets. Electricity flows in a similar way — from the power plant via high voltage lines to transformer …

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1 Gbps internet is here

Internet Speed – 1 Gbps. If you understand the gravity of this situation then you better be ready to enjoy broadband speed which will be out of this world. Google has always wanted to launch the 1 Gbps internet connections, and Comcast was planning the 105 Mbps internet speed, but …

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Now Play Badminton Alone

A new and helpful invention in the world of robotics is badminton playing robot named JADA. As we all know that badminton is the world’s fastest and difficult game after table tennis. The invention of this robot helps the professionals to train their-self in a much better and accurate way. …

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ET3 technology reduce 14 hours Fligh Distance to 2 hours

Now you can imagine the space traveling experience on the earth, the future of transportation is ET3(Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies). This mode of transportation is clean, green, fast, comfortable, safe, faster and affordable. The traveling time for New york to Beijing is 13 hours 30 minutes through flight while through …

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