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NTS NAT Test Sample Papers, Practice Papers

NTS NAT Sample papers of NAT-IE, NAT-IM, NAT-IA, NAT-ICS, NAT-IGS, NAT-ICOM, NAT-IIA, NAT-IIB, NAT-IIM, NAT-IIP and NAT-IIO. NAT Practice test and past papers are refers to the practice test sample papers. NAT past papers cannot be available because NTS keep the papers confidential and after the exams they collect the question sheet along with the answer sheet. NTS (National Testing Service) conducts the NAT (National Aptitude Test).

Here students can find the sample papers for NAT Test. NAT Test is of two types NAT-I and NAT-II. NAT-I type tests are for candidates having 12 years of education while NAT-II type tests are for the candidates having 14 years of Education.

NAT-I type contains six types of test and NAT-II type contains five type of tests. Candidate choose from these test types according to their major subjects.

Complete information and guide about choosing the test type is given in the following link.

Click NAT Test Guide for details

The following sample papers are given below:

  • NAT-IE Sample Paper
  • NAT-IM Sample Paper
  • NAT-IA Sample Paper
  • NAT-ICS Sample Paper
  • NAT-IGS Sample Paper
  • NAT-ICOM Sample Paper
  • NAT-IIA Sample Paper
  • NAT-IIB Sample Paper
  • NAT-IIM Sample Paper
  • NAT-IIP Sample Paper
  • NAT-IIOSample Paper
  • Recruitment Test PST Sample Paper


Click the button of the desired Sample Paper, the sample paper will load in the window given below. Wait for the sample paper to be loaded after clicking the button, the waiting time depends on your internet connection speed.

NAT-I type Sample Papers


NAT-II type Sample Papers


NTS Recruitment Test Sample Papers


By viewing these sample papers students can get an idea about their NAT Test and they can prepare better for their exam. These sample papers will help the students to better know about the paper pattern, sections of the test and what type of questions can appear in the test.

If students have any query regarding NAT Test Sample Papers they can ask us by commenting in the comment section below. We will utterly try to solve their problem.

Don’t forget to share these sample papers with your friends; you can share these papers by clicking the sharing buttons given below.

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plz tell me from where i can get past papers of nat 1-m test

Durreshahwar shaikh
Durreshahwar shaikh

i want sample test paper of pst plz help

fareena salim
fareena salim

i want to see pst sample paper. plz 19 jan 2013 ko final test hai so, plz send me pst sample paper plz

Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad

Science maths , physics , chem , eng k portions hain
General mai sociology , eduction , urdu , sindhi k portions hain

Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad

Dear frnds,
JST test dates are 9th & 10th of Jan 2013
PST test dates are 19th to 22nd of Jan 2013


i want to see jst sample paper kiya is me bhe science paper phy chem or bio ka hoga just like hst


plz tell me from where i can get pst jst sample test paper of nts kindly tell me today coz its goin to be held on 23rd dec….

faryal salman
faryal salman

from where the test papers can be found out

faryal salman
faryal salman

kindly tell me where i can find these sample papers in a hard copy.


nice sharing

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